They Bleed Pixels Adds Ponycorns and Other Wacky Crossover Levels

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They Bleed Pixels may have missed its summer release date, but it has bolstered its lunacy levels to make up for the tardy arrival! Spooky Squid’s side-scrolling, combo-laden brawler will now include guest levels from indie game folks, including the developers of Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure, Starfall, exp. Magazine, and Techno Ninja. Yup, because an ultra violent game about a girl with crab arms really needed backgrounds drawn in crayon and with celestial bodies to be considered absurd. They Bleed Pixels should arrive sometime this year. We hope.

Many Orcs Will Indeed Die on October 5 and 12

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Orcs have long been the red-headed stepchild of the fantasy and gaming worlds. Why must we persecute them time and time again? We might not discover the answer to that question anytime soon, but we do have the answer for when many more of them will die: October 5 and 12, on XBLA and PC, respectively.

Orcs Must Die!, offers a unique spin on third-person tower defense, courtesy of Robot Entertainment, which you’ve been well informed of already. Want to  get your hands on some traps of your own? Click through for an interactive trailer which allows just that!

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Windows 8 may not support XNA framework

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It’s no secret that we’re fans of XNA here at Armless Octopus. Considering nearly every title we cover is made from the framework, including every XBLIG game, as well as a some XBLA and PC titles, we’ve grown quite fond of it over the years.

Sadly, the latest version of Windows, simply dubbed Windows 8, may not offer a home for our beloved XNA. This news comes to us from XNA MVP Chris Williams, who was informed by John Lam, a member of the Technical Computing Group at Microsoft.

What does this mean for XNA and XBLIGs? Will this be the last stop for the framework as more and more titles are beginning to use languages such as HTML5 for web content and Direct X for gaming related content? We won’t know for sure until more details are released, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we find out. Bear in mind though, that Windows 8 is still in alpha, so all terms are still subject to change.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for a comment and will have additional content as it arrives.

Source: Chris Williams (Twitter)
Via: Thrifty Nerd

Canadian Xbox Dashboard fails at promoting indie games

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dashboardMicrosoft recently added a Dashboard promotion to showcase the games of the Indie Games Summer Uprising, but it looks as if our northern brethren got some signals crossed. The Canadian Dashboard features an IGSU promotion as well, but the games appear to be the top-rated indies instead of the games of the Indie Games Summer Uprising. Somehow, we can’t see this happening with a Pepsi-cola ad…

Thanks to @devoureroftime for pointing out the error!

Update – It’s fixed! all is right in canada again

Kick it Old School with Fist Puncher

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Remember that wretched trailer for the Double Dragon 2 remake? You know, the one that made you vomit out your nose as you watched one of the greatest NES games reduced to polyginal abortion? Fist Puncher might help freshen up that rank breath just a little 8-bit.

Team2Bit is looking to return to the glory days of mashing square fists into rectangular faces. Fist Puncher features 4-player local co-op to go along with some prettty ridiculous stereotypical characters, such as the disgraced sports star looking to redeem himself and the once noble war veteran who has fallen on hard times.

“There will definitely be character progression and the ability to learn new moves. Right now there are 8 playable characters and each has a unique move set that can be expanded as you advance,” said developer Jake Lewandowski.

Lewandowski plans to have us punching faces on Xbox Live Indie Games sometime in October. Oh, did we mention there is a dude named Dr. Karate? Cause there is totally a dude named Dr. Karate.

Take Arms delayed due to multiplayer issues

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Discord Games pulled its multiplayer shooter, Take Arms, from the Xbox Live Marketplace shortly after its launch due to issues with its multiplayer. Take Arms was set to be Monday’s release in the Indie Games Summer Uprising, but its launch will be pushed back until some time next week.

“Some major instabilities in multiplayer were detected shortly after launch that have forced us to take drastic action. We’d rather not have players purchase a broken product,” said James Petruzzi. He said that the problem has been identified, and he expects the game to re-released next week at the latest. We’ll keep you updated on the new release date and how the game’s promising multiplayer component shapes up. In the meantime, you can check out the latest trailer posted above.

Blocks that Matter wins the Dream.Build.Play 2011 Challenge

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Isn’t it nice when the judges get it right? Microsoft announced the top winners in the Dream.Build.Play 2o11 Challenge, and the fantastic platformer, Blocks That Matter, ran away with the the Grand Prize. It was selected from a pool of more than 250 entrants developed from 27 countries using Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio 4.0, and developer Swing Swing Submarine will net $40,000 for their efforts. We can’t say we’re shocked since we fell in love with the Tetrobot’s adventure earlier this year.

Guillaume Martin, co-creator of Blocks That Matter, said “With the money, we will try to make the studio live and we don’t want to change our plan, which is make another game BTM sized (4/5 month of dev), put it on XBLIG and PCs (digital platforms depending on who’s interested), and try to sell it.” Martin said he wasn’t sure how to approach the XBLA slot, and said perhaps they’ll port BTM to XBLA with Achievements and a Community section or perhaps save it for Blocks That Matter 2.

Jay Watt’s cosmological sandbox-game, Solar 2, won the $20,000 First Prize. Watts said he’s use the money to “find a better apartment, and use it to live off making games.”

TIC: Part 1 and Sequence round out the top winners, earning $10,000 and $5,000 for their developers.

Three other games won honorable mentions in specific categories. The accolades may not come with a cash prize, but we’re sure the developers will enjoy the little ego boost.

Production Quality: Alien Jelly
Innovation: The Bridge
Fun Factor: Ninja Crash

Source: Dream.Build.Play

Zeboyd Games developing the third installment of Penny Arcade Adventures

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We heard talks of Zeboyd Games having a big announcement for all of us this week at PAX Prime. We even entertained the possibility that whatever they would be working on might not be an IP of their own. But I doubt anyone would have guessed that they would be announcing they were developing Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3, a game that had previously been declared dead.

According to Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade, “We originally had the idea of an NES-style RPG last year, but we couldn’t find the right people to do it. After we saw Zeboyd’s Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World, we knew we didn’t have to look around anymore. Zeboyd was a perfect match.”

Whether Zeboyd had caught the eye of the guys over at Penny Arcade before or after their lucrative move to Steam is unclear, but if being on the platform did make a tangible difference, that’s just one more piece of evidence supporting the power of the Steam for indie developers.

As previously confirmed by Zeboyd, the game will maintain a pixelated art style, taking a 16-bit approach to the episodic adventure. The game is slated for a 2012 launch; developer Robert Boyd previously told us that his next project would appear on XBLIG and PC, and we’ve reached out to him to confirm if the plan has changed.


Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3 in Development


SEATTLE – August 26, 2011 – Penny Arcade has partnered with indie dynamo Zeboyd Games to develop the third episode of On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness.

As Gabe and Tycho, players will once again delve hip-deep into the sinister mysteries of New Arcadia.  The latest installment will take the series in a new direction, or maybe a really old direction, with a retro 16-bit RPG look and style of play.

“We originally had the idea of an NES-style RPG last year, but we couldn’t find the right people to do it,” said Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade. “After we saw Zeboyd’s Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World, we knew we didn’t have to look around anymore.  Zeboyd was a perfect match.”

 On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3 will launch in 2012.