It’s a (play) date! Play Monday Night Combat this Friday with Armless Octopus and VVGTV

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The Armless Octopus gang is super pysched to join our friends at VVGTV for an Xbox Live Community Playdate on Friday, August 12 from 8-11 pm EST. Join us for some Friday evening Monday Night Combat (whoa, mind blown). A few random gamers will win some sweet swag like hats and such courtesy of Uber Entertainment. Send an XBL message to one of us about an hour before the event and we’ll do our best to squeeze you in a game.

Master Blud
Dave Voyles
Saturn III

Have any questions about the community playdate? Hit up Master Blud on Twitter.

Secret Base giving away 3 awesome retro copies of Tobe’s Vertical Adventure

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Tobe’s Vertical Adventure swung onto Steam last month with some improvements over the already impressive XBLIG version, and Secret Base is celebrating its release by giving away 3 awesome retro physical editions of the game. The retro package is modeled after an old Genesis case and contains a CD with all three Tobe adventures: Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, Tobe’s Hookshot Escape and Tobe’s Great Escape. All you have to do to win the coolest prize ever is post a review of the game on Secret Base’s blog or the Steam Forum. Wait, if you do that, it decreases the odds that we’ll win. On second thought, go about your business as usual and forget we ever brought it up.

Serious Sam Double D gets serious about release with new trailer

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Mommy’s Best Games has unleashed a new trailer demonstrating the sheer insanity and absurdity of Serious Sam Double D. Did you see the lava monster on the pogo stick? How about the gigantic gorilla with the circular-saw hand? The enormous hamster with the studded choker and missile launchers built into its torso? Double D will be assaulting PC in August (the Xbox version will be released a few months later), so we should have our chance to eradicate mutant monsters with ridiculous duct-taped instruments of death in a few short weeks. We’ll update you with more details on the specifics of the release as they’re available, but in the meantime, check out our hands-on impressions with this bloodbath.

Dream.Build.Play finalists to be announced August 18, winners to be unveiled at PAX

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win 40,000!

The top 20 entries of 2011’s Dream.Build.Play competition will be announced on an episode of Major Nelson’s Minute, which premieres on August 18 on the Xbox Live Dashboard. Just a week later, during this year’s PAX Prime, (August 26 through August 28) Microsoft will be announcing the 5 prize winners, who will be sharing the $75,000 bounty and a chance at an XBLA publishing deal.

While only 5 games get to take home the winnings, all 20 games will be playable on the show floor of PAX, with several of the developers in attendance. As any XNA developer can attest, having a game playable at a show that attracts tens of thousands of attendees isn’t such a bad prize either.

Fan voting is open for the final 2 Indie Games Summer Uprising selections

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Congress recently passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling, but now a new vote has begun that will have an even greater impact on the United States, or dare we say it, the entire world: the selection of the final 2 games in the Indie Games Summer Uprising. The event’s organizers knew it was too important of a decision to be left to stodgy politicians in fine-pressed suits, so they’ve opened the election up to everyone…or at least everyone with a Facebook account. There are plenty of fine games to choose from, so head on over to the Summer Uprising Facebook page to cast your vote by August 15.

Apple Jack sequel ripening on XBLIG this year

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giant pandas!
It may have been a bit outrageous, but the original Apple Jack (not to be confused with the mouth-scraping cereal of the same name) was one of our favorite indie games last year. What could be crazier than a game with pigs in tutus, laser-shooting owls and a protagonist with a Granny Smith dome? We should find out soon, as My Owl Software is hard at work crafting a new adventure for our apple-headed hero and promises the story will be even stranger this time around.

Tentatively titled Apple Jack’s Great Escape, the sequel will feature a greater variety of level sizes and shapes and a new “Flashback” system that allows players to rewind time. Locations will no longer be named after actual British towns, and this time Apple Jack will journey through preposterous areas such as “The Panda Factory” and “The Bacon Exchange.” The game is still early in development, but My Owl Software is aiming to release Apple Jack’s Great Escape by the end of the year on XBLIG.

Source: My Owl Software

Enhanced version of Defy Gravity released on Steam

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Steam releases of Xbox Live Indie Games are becoming the norm these days, and Fish Factory Games is jumping on the Steam bandwagon with Defy Gravity Extended. We really enjoyed defying gravity back when the non-extended version of the cosmic physics-platformer was released earlier this year, and this new version looks to improve on the original in a few key areas. The extended edition packs an extra 11 levels, pushing the total to 25, and Fish Factory Games promises the new levels are longer and more challenging than the originals. The new version is available for $2.99 and also includes a hard mode for those adept at using gravity guns to explore ancient alien artifacts.

Humble Indie Bundle 3 now available, still humble, still costs whatever you want

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It’s been about six months since the last official Humble Indie Bundle (not counting the non-sequentially named Humble Frozenbyte Bundle) and with the passing of another half a year, it’s time for a fresh pack of quality indie games for a price “to be determined by you at the time of checkout.” The Third Humble Indie Bundle has been unveiled and can be purchased on the official website until August 9.

The package includes  a mix of 5 games that are new to the DRM-free world of indie bundling: Crayon Physics Deluxe, Hammerfight, VVVVVV, And Yet It Moves, and Cogs.

Consistent with previous installments of the bundles, all of the games will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux,  and the proceeds can be donated to your choice of the either the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Child’s Play Charity, or, if you’re feeling generous, both. You can also choose to throw some change at the developers or tip the bundle’s promoters. More than $500,000 has been raised so far, so get in on the action!