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Former Burnout dev creates a bit of a crash with his own new title, Truck Stop

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For some time now, I’ve had pent up anger and have been eagerly seeking an outlet for this rage (not really). Fortunately, one developer, Projector Games has provided an outlet for this misguided vexation in the form Truck Stop

Their previous titles included Steam Heroes on XBLIG, Bitstream, and FortressCraft, the voxel-based sandbox game which would go on to become one of the highest grossing titles on the platform.

Projector Games is taking a unique approach towards selling this title: A single level is available on IndieCity  for $5 right now, and for ever 1,000 copies of the title sold, additional content will be released. ‘”Hopefully the ‘Groupon’ effect will help, with people getting their friends to buy the game, so that we have the motivation and reason to add in more and more content for a long time to come,” studio head Adam Sawkins stated.

So if you enjoy destroying cities from the cab of an 18-wheeler, then perhaps you’ll be obliged to visit the developer’s Greenlight page as well. At some point in the trailer I saw something about aliens attacking from Mars as well. Oh, and zombies, too.  So if for no other reason, you can at least help to keep the impending zombie infestation to a minimum.

Electronic Super Joy beta now available through Steam, is a must-buy

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If you’re a fan of platformers, there’s no reason to skip out on Electronic Super Joy. The full game isn’t available yet, but the beta release is now available on Steam. It’s already a pretty polished product that offers a ton of variety, so if you’ve been looking to hop from ledge to ledge while avoiding missiles, or you’ve been looking to crash the Pope’s spaceship, look no further. This game has you covered.
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The Greenlight SuperShow aims to put more indies in the Limelight

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The Greenlight Supershow

Let us say you have no plans for this weekend and are looking forward to a slew of new indie games looking to get into your hands via Steam Greenlight. Then say there was a livestream called The Greenlight SuperShow going on that day going on showcasing a pile of indie games with “tons of gameplay, special guests, Q&A’s, game giveaways, sneak peaks, cake*, and possibly even rap battles!” Now imagine this is a real 13+ hour livestream hosted by Alix of Robot Loves Kitty (Legend of Dungeon) whom already has a greenlit game and wishes to share the love to other developers.

Well it is real and it is coming to us this upcoming Saturday, June 29th at 10:30am and will bring us showcases of over 25 games including Tower of Guns, Syder Arcade, McDroid, Ray’s the Dead, Paranautical Activity, Forced, Castaway Paradise, Rollers of the Realm, Retrobooster, BroForce, Dukes and Dirigibles, Girls Like Robots, and more. If you wish to join in on the fun stop by The Greenlight SuperShow page for a full game listing and schedule or just swing by the RobotLovesKitty Twitch.tv channel anytime on Saturday.

Pre-order Electronic Super Joy, jump into beta access today

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Make no mistake about it: Electronic Super Joy will wipe the floor with you. That said, if you’re looking forward to this game or the trailer above appeals to you in any way, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s a platformer that taxes your skills heavily, but don’t take my word for it. Pre-orders now come with access to a beta version of the game, allowing you to put your abilities to the test.
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Wyv and Keep exploring PCs and XBLIG on June 14, beta available now

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A Jolly Corpse has revealed a release date for their long-in-development puzzle-platformer, Wyv and Keep. The co-op treasure-hunting game is coming to Desura (for Windows, Mac and Linux) on June 14 for $9.99 (or two licenses for $15). If you’re feeling impatient, you can nab the beta version right now, and it will automatically update to the full release on June 14. An Xbox Live Indie Games version will be available on or around June 14 (depending on the peer review process).

A team has also released a new trailer to celebrate the final release date. Take a minute (or three) to check out the various nouns and verbs that comprise Wyv and Keep in über dramatic fashion. You can also vote for it on Project Greenlight if you want to someday search for treasure on Steam.

The Swapper brings creepy claymation to Steam on May 30

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After four years of development, Facepalm Games’ eerie clone-creating game, The Swapper, is arriving on Steam on May 30. You can witness the game’s unique clay-based stop-motion visuals in the new trailer, or check out our preview from PAX East.

Kickstart This! Fabled Vale

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Kickstarter has revolutionized the way indie games are financed, but with hundreds of games begging for your precious shillings, we’re highlighting the most promising games whose very development may hinge upon you opening up your pocketbook. 

Okay, this installment of Kickstart This! isn’t exactly a Kickstarter campaign but instead focuses on Indiegogo, a close cousin of Kickstarter that follows a similar concept and essentially functions the same way. Enough words about the slight campaign differences though, let us talk about Fabled Vale. Beginning as a dream project of designer Jennifer Dawe who is known for her work on Aspereta and Illutia, and has been conceptualizing and producing assets for the past 5 years while searching for the right partner for the project. Now she’s teamed up with Cerulean Games, and they are seeking funding through the aforementioned Indiegogo campaign to get the project in motion.
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Kickstart This! Realm

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Kickstarter has revolutionized the way indie games are financed, but with hundreds of games begging for your precious shillings, we’re highlighting the most promising games whose very development may hinge upon you opening up your pocketbook. 

Coming fresh off the steam of the successful Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey campaign, another beautiful fantasy adventure game starring a heroine appears! Realm’s vision comes from the art studio, Atomhawk Designs, who have contributed art assets and designs to games, such as Enslaved, Dead Island, and Mortal Kombat (9). This time, they’re looking to make their own adventure game to the tune of £195,000 (~$302,000 USD).

The story follows the adventure of a young girl, Sarina, and a golem, Toru, as they search for a cure for Sarina’s mother’s sickness. Although the time period is the far future, instead of highly advanced technology, players will be treated to lush landscapes of cities buried in natural foliage and strange wild creatures. They must utilize each protagonist’s abilities, including those derived from working together, to solve puzzles and traverse the dangerous world.

With less than two weeks to go, and about £54,000 pledged, the situation seems desperate, but we’ve witnessed Kickstarter miracles before. Atomhawk Designs are offering numerous rewards for each fantastically named tier, such as digital downloads, the game’s soundtrack, and T-shirts, art books, and more. For under the typical price of a AAA release, $53 (Digital Deluxe Elder), you can obtain all the digital pieces, things that normally come with a more expensive preorder. And the studio is now allowing backers to pledge a little extra to get specific items from higher tiers.

If you’re looking for a promising adventure game from a studio with the right pedigree, go pledge your love now!

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