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Alien Hominid Has Been Played 20 Million Times on Newgrounds

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Still impatiently awaiting Battleblock Theater? Yeah, us too. But since the Behemoth’s four-player side-scroller won’t be released anytime soon, let’s take a minute to celebrate a milestone in the developer’s history. Alien Hominid has been played 20 million times. The game that started it all for the Behemoth just passed that milestone over on Newgrounds. Feel free to congratulate Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp at Comic-Con in San Diego, but don’t expect an answer when you nag them about getting your grubby mitts on Battleblock.

Source: The Behemoth

The Dream Machine Reaching Steam

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Update: Anders Gustafsson of Cockroach Inc. confirmed the Steam release is for Chapters 1-3. Each chapter will be $4.99, or you can order all 5 for $14.99. Chapter 4 is slated for an autumn/winter release.

Steam is getting a whole lot more surreal. The Dream Machine, Cockroach Inc.’s self-described point-and-click adventure made of clay and cardboard, is headed to Valve’s gaseous service on May 11. The first three episodes of this five-episode adventure are currently available on the developer’s website. We’ve reached out to the insectoid game designers to clarify if the Steam release will contain the fourth and fifth episodes.


Source: Cockroach, Inc. 

Latest Hell Yeah! Trailer Gets Violent

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Sega has released a new gameplay trailer for Arkedo Studio’s Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit that illustrates the sexy origin of the undead rabbit’s rage. We had a blast when we got our hands on this ultra violent Metroidvania game at PAX East, and you won’t have to wait too long to start killing monsters since the game hits XBLA, Steam, and PSN this summer.

The May Hurray Bundle Celebrates Today

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If for whatever reason the irony behind the EA Indie Bundle has you upset, you can take solace in the fact that the latest iteration of the Indie Royale bundles just hit digital shelves, and is going by he name “The May Hurray Bundle.

All of this month’s titles are first time visitors to the Royale bundle, and perhaps the most well known grab of the bunch is Trendy Entertainment’s multi-platform success Dungeon Defenders. Others include Containment: The Zombie PuzzlerData Jammers: FastForwardBrainpipe – A Plunge to Unhumanity, and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space

But wait, that’s not all! Drop down seven crisp Washingtons and you can get Starscream’s Future, Toward the Edge of Tomorrow. As always, if you pay more than the current average, which as of this writing rests at $4.02, you’ll ge Dr. Blob’s Organism (PC), and the soundtracks for VooDoo Interface and Temporal Logic Grid Blues (whew, mouthful).


Source: Indie Royale

Free Community-Driven Dungeons of Dredmor DLC Hitting Steam Pipes “Very Soon”

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Expansion packs and DLC have long been an avenue developers have pursued in order to keep gamers engaged in their product. In early times (circa the late 90s) expansion packs were often small additions to games which may have included new levels or a story line from the view of an alternate character. As of late, triple-A developers have begun to consider DLC before the retail game has even hit the store shelves (or digital ones), but indie developer Gaslamp Games has taken a different approach.

The most recent DLC for their PC hit Dungeons of Dremdmor is titled You Have to Name the Expansion Pack, and will be released “very soon.” Include are a breadth of new features, many of which are provided by modders within the community. Some highlights include:

  • Steam Workshop; mod integration with Steam! We’re turning it on! It’s Steamy!
  • Battle Geology, a wizard-like warrior skill with earth-shattering consequences by the terribly mysterious Null (how mysterious? terribly.)
  • Clockwork Knight and Rogue Scientist, a pair of crafty steampunk skill lines by the too-clever-by-half Ruigi
  • Warlockery, the wizard skill for wizards who would rather by warriors, by the utterly mad Essence — he wrote over 500 lines of xml for one spell.
  • A mess of twisty little rooms, all different, created by the deranged architect our mortal speech renders “Bergstrom“; The geometry is all wrong.
  • And to inhabit the renovated Dungeons of Dredmor we’ve summoned a pack of new monster variations dug up by one FaxCelestis, from the existentially troubling Poorly Cloned Hero to the lofty Diggle Rocketeer.

A few rounds of testing and connecting “all the Steam Workshop internet-pipes” are all that’s left before release. Players will have the ability to participate in the beta by heading over to Dredmor’s IRC channnel.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when this community-focused piece of DLC hits the Steam pipes hard.

Source: Gaslamp Games 

Dustforce Now Available on Mac, All Versions Now Include Level Editor and are Half Price

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The wildly popular Dustforce is now available on Macintosh computers, and Hitbox Team is celebrating by sweeping away half the price. The game is just $4.99 for PC and Mac on Steam. The Mac version includes a few enhancements over the original PC incarnation including a new level editor that will allow players to create custom single and multiplayer levels that can be shared on the Dustforce website. It also introduces a key progression system that tones down the strict requirements needed to unlock new doors. Before all you PC players get enraged with jealousy, the new features are also available with an update.

The Adventures of Shuggy Granted a Second Life on Steam

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The Adventures of Shuggy was greeted with warm reviews when it was released on XBLA last June, but poor marketing coupled with the same release date as Magic: The Gathering destroyed any chance for commercial success. Now the affable bat will get a second shot at glory when the game lands on Steam later this year. There is no release information available yet, but we’ll keep you updated when the time-travelling bat will be gracing your monitor.

Source: Smudged Cat Games

Awesomenauts publisher filing for insolvency, game’s fate unknown [Update: It’s Here!]

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Update: It seems that they have sorted out this mess, and both will launch on XBLA and PSN as expected.

Ronimo Games was all set to launch Awesomenauts on the Playstation Network tomorrow, May 1, and free of charge for Playstation Plus subscribers. There’s one small hitch, though. Their publisher has filed for insolvency.

Publisher dtp Entertainment’s filing leaves Ronimo’s game in an uncertain place. It appears that nobody knows if the game is still coming out or not, even the developer.

“At the moment we’re unsure what this means for [Awesomenauts],” Ronimo’s Jasper Koning told IGN.

News on whether the game will be coming out as planned won’t take that long to surface, since we’ll know tomorrow whether or not it will meet with a delay whether there’s an announcement or not.

Source: IGN

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