Fish hell bent on revenge will stop at nothing to defend its tank

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At Armless Octopus, we occasionally like to flex our creative muscle and step back from our writing duties, and do some game development of our own.  Two of our writers did just that in their recent XNA title, Shutshimi, as Wayne Kubiak handled the art while Anthony Swinnich took care of the jams.

In Shutshimi you play as a goldfish hellbent on destroying everything else in your tank. Similar to its real life counterparts, the protagonist only has a ten second memory, so each stage lasts for exactly that long. Your job is to blast everything in sight, as objects on screen scroll from right to left. Enemy diversity is all over the place too, as you’ll come across sharks with laser beams, submarines, and even……butts riding on surfboards.

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Wyv and Keep exploring PCs and XBLIG on June 14, beta available now

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A Jolly Corpse has revealed a release date for their long-in-development puzzle-platformer, Wyv and Keep. The co-op treasure-hunting game is coming to Desura (for Windows, Mac and Linux) on June 14 for $9.99 (or two licenses for $15). If you’re feeling impatient, you can nab the beta version right now, and it will automatically update to the full release on June 14. An Xbox Live Indie Games version will be available on or around June 14 (depending on the peer review process).

A team has also released a new trailer to celebrate the final release date. Take a minute (or three) to check out the various nouns and verbs that comprise Wyv and Keep in über dramatic fashion. You can also vote for it on Project Greenlight if you want to someday search for treasure on Steam.

DLC Quest now available on Steam and includes a new campaign

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The one problem we had with DLC Quest when we monkeyed around it last year was that the cheeky experience was all-too brief. Going Loud Studios is attempting to remedy that situation for the new Steam release, which includes a new campaign called Live Freemium or Die. The Steam version is on sale for $2.39 until March 25, and then it will bump up to its standard $2.99 price. The new campaign is also available as a standalone title on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 MS Points ($1).

You can check out the new trailer to find out more about this humorous 2-d platformer, or check out our review of the original campaign.

PAX East Indie Megabooth packs 62 games onto the show floor

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Like indie games? Going to PAX East? Then you’re in luck. The Indie Megabooth is making its triumphant return to the PAX East show floor, replete with 62 games. This year’s lineup includes Charlie Murder, Guacamelee, and Organ Trail, and more. Fifty-nine more to be exact.

Check out the video for super-brief snippets of all the games, and be sure check them all out on the floor if you’re in attendance. PAX East 2013 is being held from March 22-24 in Boston, but if you don’t already have tickets, you’re kinda screwed. However, be sure to keep it locked to Armless Octopus for ongoing showfloor coverage.

Arkedo calling it quits for now

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It appears that no one can escape the “Wrath of the Dead Rabbit“, not even the studio that developed it. Our brothers in “arms”, Arkedo Studios, has announced that they’re closing their doors.

The indie studio, who was also behind the beloved Arkedo Series and the DS’ Big Bang Mini, will be splitting up and moving on to other projects. Studio head Camille Guermonprez is already working on a “publishing project”, while Aurelien Regard is working on starting a “mini-studio”.

Regard did lay out a couple reasons for the studio’s departure in his goodbye blog post. A desire and inability to make smaller games without a publisher was chief among them. The studio feels they are now too big to have success with that model. They also felt that they reached their limits with Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.

The studio was careful to leave things on a “See ya” than a “Farewell”, so there’s a possibility that they’ll group back up in the future. But for now, at least, Arkedo has been put to rest.

Source: Regard’s blog post

Winners revealed for the 2012 Dream.Build.Play competition

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Microsoft has revealed the winners in this year’s Dream.Build.Play competition, and the studio that won only needed one finger to rise to the top.

Silver Dollar Games’ One Finger Death Punch is this year’s grand prize winner, and recipient of $40,000. CSR’s Dead Pixels, Team Devil’s Ninja Crash and Smudged Cat Games’ Gateways took first, second and third respectively.

Source: Dream.Build.Play

Check out the Indie Games Uprising III lineup

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It’s been just about a year since the Indie Games Summer Uprising happened. That means it’s time for a whole new group to swell up and take control. The Indie Games Uprising III has had its lineup revealed, and we have to say, there’s no shortage of unique titles here.

This year’s promotion includes ten games: Diehard Dungeon, City Tuesday, Gateways, pixel, Entropy, Xenominer, Smooth Operators, Call Center Chaos, Sententia, and qrth-phyl. The release trailer, which shows off each title in the group, was made by the talented MasterBlud.

The first game is set to launch on September 10. No pricing details have been revealed for any of the games as of yet. Keep your eye on the official website or Twitter page for updates.

GunCraft puts a new spin on last man standing with latest survival mode update

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Despite still being a beta title, developer Exato Games hasn’t slowed down the flurry of updates on their upcoming voxel based shooter Guncraft.

This latest update, which hit Kickstarter backers last night, includes survival mode, where your sole goal is to be the last voxel-person standing. Constantly rising lava isn’t the only thing you’ll be facing off against, as you’ll also have to avoid adversaries who want to see you pull a T-1000 at the end of Terminator 2. Kills won’t yield any rewards other than seeing your opponent pushed backwards and being frozen in place for ten seconds.

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