Dragons Vs Spaceships takes flight this August

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Yankees vs. Red Sox. Vampires vs. werewolves. Red wine vs. carpets. These rivalries have defined our generation that has been oh-so marred by conflict. They’re but petty scuffles compared to the rancorous rivalry found in Dragons Vs. Spaceships. Metal monstrosities from a far away world have come to challenge The Dragons’ dominion over all things airborne; pushed to the brink of extinction, it’s up to you to help the four most badass dragons and fight back in Dragons Vs. Spaceships, a new Xbox Live Indie Game landing this August.

This Dream.Build.Play and Summer Uprising entrant was developed by Game Production Studios, and besides it’s outrageous story, it also features a weapon system that sounds reminiscent of Gunstar Heroes. Each dragon has 2 slots in which it can equip one of three elements: fire, water or metal. The first slot is the primary attack, and it can be leveled up with power-ups. It also combines with the element in the second slot to create one of six different special attacks. Two players will be able to defend the land of Dragonia this August.

Former Deus Ex writer releases baffling, but captivating trailer for Cell: emergence

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It just seems so obvious: a voxel-based, Fantastic Voyage game, with a Rez-esque soundtrack in which you pilot a nanobot that’s been injected inside a dying girl to explore her 3D pixelated cellular automata while annihilating germs. Why didn’t we think of it first?

Probably because we’re not Sheldon Pacotti, the lead writer of the original Deus Ex and founder of New Life Interactive. The studio just unveiled the trailer for its upcoming indie, Cell: emergence, in which you get the opportunity to pilot that very nanobat in what could be one of the most recondite, but fascinating Xbox Live Indie Games yet. We’ll find out for sure when the game is released later this summer.

Submissions for the 2012 Indie Game Challenge now open

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Dream Build Play may be the big name in contests right now, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the only thing on your mind. The Indie Game Challenge is accepting submissions for their annual contest, the winners of which will be decided in February 2012. For those unfamiliar with the contest, it was started three years ago by The Guildhall at SMU and The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences in conjunction with GameStop. It’s main focus is to foster innovative game development and to dish out some pretty awesome prizes to the victors of the contest, which include a $100,000 grand prize, a chance to meet publishers directly, as well as scholarships for students. It’s also important to note that finalists in each category will get flown to the D.I.C.E. summit, a nearly unparalleled opportunity for industry exposure.

All you’ll need to enter is $100, a playable beta that can run on a PC and a 60 second-or-less explanation of why your game deserves to be recognized. But let it be known that the competition is quite stiff. Last year’s top winner was 2D Boy Playdead with their dark puzzler, Limbo. The deadline to enter is October 3.

All the details can be found on the contest’s webpage. You can also check out the past winners and runner ups, the nitty gritty on the prizes, and the if ands or buts about the official rules. As always, check back to Armless Octopus for continued coverage on this contest as well as the aforementioned Dream Build Play.

Update: fixed Limbo developer info

The Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising begins in August

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The Winter Uprising successfully brought a lot of mainstream attention to the Xbox Live Indie Games scene, but all of that attention didn’t necessarily translate into Scrooge McDuck-sized piles of gold for the developers. That hasn’t deterred the organizers of a new Summer Uprising promotion, who are looking to showcase the best new indie games later this summer.

The new promotion will run between August 22 and September 12 – conveniently following the Summer of Arcade and around when the Dream.Build.Play finalists will be revealed – and aims to shine the blazing spotlight of the summer sun on 8 to 10 of the most promising indie games. The organizers are currently accepting submissions from developers who would like their game considered for the Summer Uprising. Submissions can be either new releases or substantial updates to existing titles. The deadline is June 27.

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Lair of the Evildoer plots its way onto the XBLIG Marketplace on June 17

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Putting the ability to set a release date to good use, Going Loud Studios, has announced that their mad-scientist-thwarting, top-down, RPG shooter, Lair of the Evildoer, will be hitting the XBLIG marketplace on June 17 for 80 MS Points ($1).

Featuring 25 different weapons – all with further customization available – as well as 30 baddies to shoot, Lair of the Evildoer is definitely a title to watch out for. You can expect to spend plenty of time playing the generated levels that change with every playthrough as you hunt down the best loot and pump up your stats. Just don’t forget to set aside sometime to escape your own lair.

TIC: Part 1 rolls onto the Indie Marketplace on June 21

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After charming the audience at RPI GameFest, TIC: Part 1 will soon have the opportunity to bore its way deep into all of our callous hearts. RedCandy Games has announced that their highly touted unicycling platformer, TIC: Part 1, will arrive on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace on June 21 for 240 MS points ($3).

The series is broken into 4 parts, and Part 1 will include the first 3 chapters of the adventure. Apparently the sinister EvilCorp (what a PR nightmare) is up to no good. Shocking right? The corporation is plotting to drain the world’s energy, and it’s up to a unicycling mining robot named TIC to defend the town of Copperville and solve the oil drought. With any luck, it will also bring back the flow of lifeblood to our aforementioned hearts.

Source: Press Release

Perkunas’ Dragon flips out in new trailer

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Ninjas have always been known to flip out and go crazy at a moment’s notice, but the new trailer for Perkunas’ Dragon proves that dragons are prone to outbursts of extreme flippage as well. Zithira the Dragoness has been sent by the gods to help a starving town deal with its famine, but apparently the fledgling dragoness took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Now you have to guide the beast to the starving town, presumably to aid it in the harvest and not to feast on a bunch of emaciated villagers.

Throughout the shmup-rpg hybrid, Zithira will fight various creatures from Slavonic mythology. She’ll learn 15 spells along her journey to help make her a more effective killing machine, and each spell can be upgraded with experience gained from slaughtering those foolish enough to stand between a dragon and those poor delicious villagers. Perkunas’ Dragon will be available this July on Xbox Live Indie Games.

Deadlines loom for IndieCade game submissions and PAX Prime & PAX Dev speaker applications

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indiecade logo Konami just finished their pre-E3 conference and E3 itself looms right around the corner, but being the forethinking people you are, PAX Prime is the only thing on your mind, right? No? Well over the next two weeks, maybe you should find some time for it. The deadlines to apply to be a speaker at PAX Prime & PAX Dev, as well as the deadline for game submissions for IndieCade are but a fortnight away: June 14th for PAX Prime and the 15th for the latter two.

Many are well aware of the colossal PAX conventions, but IndieCade might be a new one for a few people. Started in 2005 by Creative Media Collaborative, IndieCade is aiming to revitalize the videogame industry as a whole by supporting one of the driving forces of innovation: independently developed games. The 2011 festival will take place in several venues throughout downtown Culver City, California. You can submit your game now with the hope of bringing it into the public eye. Although you’ll have to pay the higher late-processing fee, if your game has the chops, it could be well worth the toll.

Check back at Armless Octopus for all the latest indie news debuting at all of the aforementioned events and more.