Local SWAT team called on behalf of FortressCraft scuffle

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bad boys...

And you thought the punks you ran across while playing Call of Duty were bad. After receiving a 911 call Tuesday evening from an alleged perpetrator making the shocking claim that he was about to off himself after shooting his father, police had no choice but to respond with a vengeance.

Fourteen officers arrived at 9:23 p.m. to the Riviera Village complex in Eugene, Oregon where the victim lives. Expecting the find an armed killer, police were greeted with a fresh-faced 26-year-old man and his girlfriend playing Xbox 360. Police entered – with guns drawn – and handcuffed both victims while they searched the apartment.

So what does this have anything to do with gaming? Well, the catalyst of this event was that the victim refused to give the culprit content he had created in ProjectorGamesFortressCraft.

The victim, who spoke with the The Register Guard on terms of anonymity, stated he was half expecting police to show up at his home. He claimed that shortly before police arrived, a friend who was in a “voice chat room” with the culprit called to notify him.

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Latest Fluffy: Operation Overkill trailer is the most gruesome yet

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If you’re a fan of teddy bears, you probably shouldn’t watch the above video. Too late? Did you see all those precious little cuddly bears being decapitated and blown into bloody bits by the mean ‘ol Fluffy? Did you notice how their intestines rocketed out of their midsections like they swallowed sticks of dynamite?

Don’t worry, the bears were mutated freaks. They were actually zombie bears, so our crazed squirrel was actually doing civilization a favor. At least, that’s the story So So Dev is pitching for their messy upcoming indie, Fluffy: Operation Overkill. The latest and grizzliest trailer depicts the bloodthirsty squirrel brutally slaying bears, bees and other wildlife. It will be available later this month for Xbox Live Indie Games.

Indie developer converts XNA 3.1 to HTML5, JavaScript-based web browsers

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Tired of having to install the XNA toolkit in order to build games or even play them? Well that may not be the case forever, as Kevin Gadd was recently able to successfully convert XNA 3.1, which is natively coded in C#, to JavaScript. No plugins are required, and it will operate in any browser that supports HTML5 and a modern version of JavaScript. Certain browsers have been known to have bugs, including Chrome 12 and 13 as well as various versions of Opera.

So what does this mean for developers and gamers? It could potentially allow for easier distribution and playtesting of XNA titles because developers will no longer have to rely on having the kit natively installed on machines. Head on over to the site and try it for yourself. You’ll be greeted with the XNA Platformer Starter Kit provided by Microsoft as a sample for learning XNA development.

Source: hildr.luminance.org

Via: Ben Kane

Soulcaster creator reveals Escape Goat

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If you want to know why Ian Stocker hasn’t started work on Soulcaster III yet, he has a scape goat for that—an Escape Goat, to be precise.

The game is Stocker’s third project under the MagicalTimeBean imprint, and it features a 2D Metroidvania style where you play as — you guessed it — a goat. While it’s still in the prototype phase, Stocker has revealed some additional details about the Xbox Live Indie Game, including prototype videos and screenshots.

As a goat, the player must navigate a maze of single-screen rooms and complete physics and platform-based puzzles that can be solved in different orders.

As of the second prototype, the goat’s method of vanquishing enemies is primarily defensive. The goat can activate various switches or send out little mice to entice enemies to attack structures that often cause them to die in various ways. The goat can also send out mice and teleport to any point they reach. Stocker said it’s still to be determined what other attacks and maneuvers the goat might have.

Stocker plans to have a playable beta by the end of the month and said the final game will include an easy-to-use level editor.

Continue below if you want to see some screens of the still-in-development indie.

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Astro Cluster goes nova with new trailer

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The XBLIG scene is kind of littered with twin-stick shooters, and on an almost weekly basis there’s a new one in our weekly game round-up. That’s not to say that we here at Armless Octopus aren’t hopeful for a quality entry in the genre, which is why the trailer for the up-and-coming Astro Cluster caught our eye.

While there doesn’t appear to be much depth as far as story and single-player components go, the indie does sport 16-player online multiplayer – a rarity for XBLIGs – as well as a split-screen co-op mode. It also touts a custom soundtrack and a $1 (80 MS points) price tag. A well-supported competent multiplayer offering could be the factor that helps this shooter stand out from the crowd. The expected release date for the indie is June 3, barring a lack of peer reviews by that time.

TIC: Part 1 takes to the skies in official trailer

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Last week we brought you the news that TIC took home the Audience Choice award and 1st Prize at the GameFest. Now, developer RedCandy Games has released their official trailer for TIC: Part 1. Why is this hero making such a journey? We’re not quite sure, as we’re too distracted by the vivid backgrounds, not to mention the underground depths that only Tim Burton could dream up (all of which was put together using their proprietary “2.5D JawBreaker Engine”).

Look for TIC: Part 1 on the XBLIG platform sometime in the very near future.

Animals explode in the new trailer for Fluffy: Operation Overkill

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Small animals are all cute and cuddly one minute, and then the next they’re eradicating species with lightning guns and orbital satellite strikes. So So Dev’s new trailer for its upcoming blood-soaked indie Fluffy: Operation Overkill showcases the more pugnacious side of our furry friends. A mysterious virus has turned all the animals into bloodthirsty beasts (hate when that happens), but thankfully Fluffy was conveniently protected by his hazard suit, and now he needs to “deal with all infected animals to reveal the cause of the virus.” Apparently “deal with” is equivalent to “cause to explode into sanguinary showers of flying organs.”

Fluffy may be outnumbered, but he can utilize slow motion and has a full arsenal of weapons to reduce the wildlife into piles of bloody goop and brains. So So Dev aims to release Fluffy: Operation Overkill this June for XBLIG. I’ll probably think twice before chasing those squirrels away from my bird feeder from now on.

Developer: SO SO DEV Games
Release: June 2011
Platform: Xbox Live Indie Games
Genre: Jump’n’Shoot
The game centers around a psychotic squirrel called Fluffy. A strange virus turned all animals in his surrounding into bloodthirsty beasts. Now it’s Fluffys task to slide into his hazard suit and deal with all infected animals to reveal the cause of the virus. Fluffy is constantly supported by his former chief, Colonel Badger, who helps out with useful tips and weapon/ammo drops. Beyond all the blood and gore on Fluffys way lies the terrifying truth.
– killing enemies rewards the player with points. Stylish kills get higher scores
– high scores unlock Fluffys special abilities: Slow motion or an orbital satellite strike
– Fluffy can kick his enemies away
– powerful weapons: shotgun, machine gun, lightning gun, minigun, …
– varied environments like hollows, a forest, farmlands, swamps, …
– physics powered, over the top violence
– enviromental hazards like spikes, stalactites, water, rolling stones, …
– epic boss fights
– Zombie Mode: Fluffy faces waves of merciless zombie bears
– ironic references to other popular games
– crude humor
– 20+ minutes of soundtrack
For further questions, feel free to contcact us: team@sosodev.com

XNA Community Team chats with developers about Dream.Build.Play and more

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win 40,000!

Did you miss the Dream.Build.Play developer chat yesterday evening? Well don’t fret – Armless Octopus was on the scene and fortunately we’ve got the recap for you. Beginning at 5:30pm PST, Microsoft’s XNA Creator’s Club Twitter account, @XNACommunity held a brief chat using the hash tag #devchat. It was open to all, although the majority of those conversing were XNA and XBLIG developers, naturally.

The conversation began with the introduction of members from the XNA Community Team. Rob Gruhl stated his role as ensuring that developer feedback gets integrated into our game platforms, while Pete Isensee informed readers that he oversees the entertainment developer programs, including indie programs. The final member was Yuji Suzuki (any relation to the Yu Suzuki?), who “has been involved with XNA GS since V1 and is currently running DBP11 among other things.” Immediately following, @XNACommunity opened the floor for all listeners to introduce themselves and the projects they were working on as well. @MattrifiedGames chimed in with Name’s Matt DeLucas. I’m workin’ on an updated version of #BattleHigh — http://bit.ly/knlUoD — for DBP,” as did @SmallCaveGames, stating “Here’s our latest progress on Legend of Kilflame (3D action/RPG) http://bit.ly/k7rtKu.”

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