Arkedo calling it quits for now

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It appears that no one can escape the “Wrath of the Dead Rabbit“, not even the studio that developed it. Our brothers in “arms”, Arkedo Studios, has announced that they’re closing their doors.

The indie studio, who was also behind the beloved Arkedo Series and the DS’ Big Bang Mini, will be splitting up and moving on to other projects. Studio head Camille Guermonprez is already working on a “publishing project”, while Aurelien Regard is working on starting a “mini-studio”.

Regard did lay out a couple reasons for the studio’s departure in his goodbye blog post. A desire and inability to make smaller games without a publisher was chief among them. The studio feels they are now too big to have success with that model. They also felt that they reached their limits with Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.

The studio was careful to leave things on a “See ya” than a “Farewell”, so there’s a possibility that they’ll group back up in the future. But for now, at least, Arkedo has been put to rest.

Source: Regard’s blog post

Terraria coming to consoles with host of upgrades

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There’s no arguing with the success of 2D crafting title Terraria — as of September 2012 they moved over 1.6 million units on the PC. The game is on its way to Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, but it won’t get there without a slew of improvements.

A new trailer was released, which lays out what sort of changes will be made to make the console version. New controls were promised, as the keyboard and mouse layout on the original version won’t work here. Those with HD televisions will be able to play in split-screen with up to four players, and there’s an eight-player online mode as well. There will be new armor, weapons, pets and enemies — even a unique final boss, which you can find using the new world map function. The soundtrack will also be getting a bit fatter with some added tracks.

We haven’t found a release date yet, but Terraria taught us that if we keep digging we’ll eventually uncover one. The official stance right now is that it’s “coming soon”.

Double Fine’s The Cave gets a release date

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Have you been hankering to spelunk (that’s a word, right?) your way through a cave that mysteriously narrates your journey all on its own? You’ll be able to do just that and pretty soon, as Sega has revealed that The Cave will be releasing before January is over.

The game will come out on the Playstation Network and Wii U eShop on January 22, with Xbox Live Arcade and Steam users gaining access the very next day. Steam users will be pleased to learn that it works on both the Mac and Linux versions of Valve’s client.

The Double Fine-developed adventure-platformer will run you $15, or 1200 of Microsoft’s moon dollars.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit review: Feigned enthusiasm

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It’s rare to find a game that seems like it tried to work in literally every idea discussed during brainstorming, but Arkedo’s Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit feels like a shining example of that phenomenon. The production value is high, tons of effort went into the writing and the gameplay is relatively unique. But in bringing so many individual elements together, the game as a whole somehow manages to be nearly devoid of fun.

Things are as off-the-wall as they can be in Hell Yeah. You’re the Prince of Hell — a dead rabbit who rides around in a saw-blade hovercraft — and your mission is to recover scandalous pictures of you and your rubber duck, which would somehow undermine the validity of your claim to the throne. Or something like that. The unapologetically random nature of the game’s core concept extends to everything else in the game, from enemy design to level settings, so don’t expect fire and brimstone here — Dante’s vision this is not. There are casinos, futuristic dance clubs and what can only be described as Jerry Garcia’s wet dream, among a bunch of other areas. The game’s spastic, sugar-coated ADD-inducing presentation might appeal to high school students who spend their parents’ money at Hot Topic, but it’s truthfully nothing more than a bunch of incoherent nonsense that’s random for the sake of being random.
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Double Dragon Neon review: Oh snap!

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There’s no denying that Wayforward has solidified themselves as one of the go-to development studios when it comes to higher profile, retro-styled 2D games. Some of their projects have turned out to be fantastic, like the wonderful Mighty Switch Force on the Nintendo 3DS. Others, like Bloodrayne Betrayal, are a bit behind on the quality curve. Double Dragon Neon is their latest effort to recapture the shine of decades-gone-by. Any reservations the studio’s varying quality may have caused should be dismissed — this is a great revival of a truly influential property.

Neon is about as over-the-top as a game based on an established property can be. It feels like a caricature of the late 1980s in many ways. The Dragon Twins — Billy and Jimmy — are a couple of carefree, wisecracking karate experts. The amount of puns that come out of their mouths, clever or embarrassing, recall the spirit of a quartet of fighting reptile siblings. The villain is in the running for my favorite enemy of 2012, and while he feels like he’d be more at home on Eternia he seems to fit in almost perfectly here as well.
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Arkedo’s Hell Yeah! coming out in September

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Arkedo has made a stylish mark on every plaform they’ve graced, from XBLIG to the Nintendo DS. Now, Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade, Sony’s Playstation Network and PCs everywhere will feel the wrath of the dead rabbit. Hell Yeah! is coming this fall, and it can’t be stopped.

The Playstation Network will receive this game on September 25, while XBLA will get the game on September 26. The PC version will be released on October 3. It will be priced at 1200 Microsoft points, or $15, depending on your platform of choice.

A new trailer was released to commemorate this announcement, but interested parties should also check out Armless Octopus’ hands-on impressions from PAX East 2012.

Source: Sega

Wayforward’s Double Dragon Neon slated for September

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Looks like Bimmy and Jimmy are getting ready to roll out into the mean streets and rescue distressed damsels sooner than later. Wayforward has revealed that their upcoming game, Double Dragon Neon, will be coming out in September.

“Attention people of the internets: Double Dragon Neon will be on PSN September 11th for $9.99 and XBLA September 12th for 800 MS Points,” Wayforward said on the game’s Facebook page. “Save the date and get ready to rock!”

The build presented at PAX East 2012 did a good job capturing the classic feel of the series and was quite a bit of fun because of this. We’ll even forgive them for their “fresh take” on the monstrous Abobo, though it’s a challenge every time we see the new design.

Source: Facebook

The chosen ten of PAX Prime 2012 revealed

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PAX Prime 2012 is creeping up ever so quickly. August 31 is only about a month-and-a-half away, which really isn’t that far from now. That means news about the show is starting to trickle out, and because of this we now know what this year’s selections for the PAX 10 are.

Of course, this being news may require some sort of context. Previous PAX 10 lists have featured games like Polytron’s FEZ, pixelized shmup Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, the ever-bloody Super Meat Boy and the gruffly-narrated Bastion, so it’s a pretty high honor to be chosen. These lists have a pretty good track record of highlighting incredible projects before their release. Check out the full list after the jump.
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