Game Dev Tycoon Review

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There are literally hundreds of management simulators on the market for PC but only a one (to my knowledge) about managing a video game development studio. So if that’s the kind of thing that tickles your fancy, your options are very limited. The question is if one such entry, Game Dev Tycoon, is worth your time and money. Please watch the Armless Octopus Video Review of Game Dev Tycoon to find out.


Antichamber Review

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2013-07-29_00007Antichamber, developed by Alexander “Demruth” Bruce, is the kind of game that appeals to so many of my desires for a video game that I fail to see how I could write anything about it without sounding like a gushing fan. Fitting neatly into the puzzle platformer category, it shows obvious similarities to Portal — first-person perspective, a non-lethal gun, puzzles, a desire to escape. However, once you progress past even the simplest puzzle, you gain a greater idea of what Antichamber is trying to do (to you). The effect is so satisfying, you’ll be tempted to restart entirely once you’ve finished it.

Games like PortalSuper Meat Boy, and Limbo give you rules you can depend on: your abilities work the same way throughout each game, gravity will always drag you in one direction, and walls are firm and immovable. Antichamber defies any semblance of expectations, reasonable or otherwise. Although there is gravity that drags you downwards, you can’t rely on downwards to actually mean, “below.” If that doesn’t make sense, then you probably already get the idea. On top of navigating a giant maze, you’ll find that some rooms connect in impossible ways, such as stairs that continually lead you back to themselves. Over the course of this 10-hour gem, you will be presented with puzzles that task you with taking them head-on or finding another way. Sometimes, the best solution is to stop trying to do the same thing over and over, and other times, you’ll only be rewarded for being almost laughably persistent.  In Antichamber, some walls aren’t firm, you’re not always expected to go forward, and there are some puzzles you can’t solve. What you see is not always what you get. Read more

Charlie Murder Review: Bloody Murder

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Charlie Murder!

Charlie Murder dares to ask “Why just shoot or stab a zombie when you can rip its arms off and use them to slap other zombies in the face?” Well played, Charlie Murder. Well played. Castle Crashers and Scott Pilgrim proved there is still an audience for the quarter-munching brawlers of the 90s, but those games exist in a world of innocent, prancing unicorns that piss rainbows with kaleidoscopic landscapes straight from a Saturday morning cartoon. Charlie Murder rips the head off that unicorn, scrapes out its brains, and eats cereal from the hollowed skull.

It’s not exactly subtle, but damn, does it ever have style. Loud, angry, style.

Charlie Murder takes the punk rock, monster-movie style of The Dishwasher series and brings it to the brawler stage. Imagine if Streets of Rage took place inside Night of the Living Dead, and then crashed a White Zombie video. It’s full of outlandish, gory violence that is just cartoony enough to maintain a solid sense of humor. Film grain muddies up the visuals, the soundtrack sounds like punk rock from hell, and eyeballs have the nasty habit of being propelled from their sockets at a high velocity in slow motion. Oh, and you can definitely rip out hearts and eat them. Because hearts are yummy.

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Thirty Flights of Loving Video Review

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Is it possible to review a game that’s only 10 minutes long? We are about to find out! Is the game short and sweet? Or just short? You’ll have to watch to see. Yes, this game is old. No, I don’t care.


Shadowrun Returns, but not at full speed

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Immersion is a key element in board games and is what allows players to escape their own reality to that of the game designer’s mind. Fortunately, Shadowrun does an incredible job of this through excellent writing, stunning visuals, and intriguing characters. These three elements are where the title really shines, in particular with the distinct, hand-drawn neo-Dystopian environments of the greater Seattle area.

I frequently found myself with my face against the screen as I tried to take in Hairbrained Schemes’ detailed view of the future. Moreover, the story line was engaging and I was always keenly aware of my task at hand. The development team did a great job of dangling the carrot in front of my face, because after each successful missions I was always contemplating in the back of my mind, “just one more…just one more…”


The stark lighting is reminiscent of Blade Runner’s take on the near future

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Face Noir Review

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Oh dear.

Oh dear.

One of the joys of the indie game market is that every now and again, we get a game that appeals to our nostalgia for older types of gameplay. Face Noir is Italian developer, Mad Orange’s, attempt to scratch that itch for good point-and-click puzzle solving while wrapping it in the skin of a post-war detective drama. In some ways, it is successful, but it brings with it remnants gamers were happy to leave behind a few eras ago.

The story focuses on Jack Del Nero, a former cop turned private dick, who goes to investigate a tip from a mysterious phone call and ends up being accused of murdering someone once very close to him. The premise is not atypical in the least, but the game smartly adds fantastical and unexpected plot elements that make this case anything but something out of L.A. Noire. Although the antagonists and their motivations become a tad confusing by the ending, the plot is satisfying. There is also one moment where a character makes a comment on the unfolded events that serves as an excellent observation about the basic nature of interwoven character stories, such as this one. Read more

Expeditions: Conquistador Review

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Battles take place on a hex-tile grid.

By now, gamers are used to games set in World War II Europe, Tolkien-inspired fantasy lands, or dystopian futures, but we haven’t witnessed many games featuring Hispaniola or Central America during the time of the Spanish conquistadors. Indie developer, Logic Artists, sought to address that historical period by creating Expeditions: Conquistador, a tactical RPG with resource management and turn-based battle. First shoehorned onto Windows Phone 7, the game was given new life on the PC via their Kickstarter campaign. Given the depth of the 20+ hour campaign I experienced, I’d say that the transition was mostly successful, but not without a few bumps.

Starting a new game of Expeditions: Conquistador greets the player with a wealth of options to choose. Choosing your team involves reading down a lengthy list of possible characters who are interested in joining your expedition. Using a little bit of revisionist history, you are given the opportunity to lead a traditional team of men, mix it up, or run a progressive faction of women. Conveniently, women do not suffer the common trope of lowered defense or offense at all, nor do they wear impossibly revealing armor. Each character possesses a detailed backstory, a specific role to perform both on and off the battlefield, and three character traits, which affect their responses to your actions. For example, aggressive followers lose morale when you avoid battle, and altruistic followers lose morale when you deny the needy of resources. I appreciated the variety, but the backstories were way too much to read. They should have been integrated into gameplay, so players can get started quickly. Read more

Armless Octopus Video Review: Reus

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Who doesn’t love a good God Game? Commies! That’s who! Do your freedom loving duty and watch the Armless Octopus Video Review of “Reus”.

Platform: PC
Developers: Abbey Games
Price: $10 USD
Score: 4.5 (out of 5)

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