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Armless Octopus Video Review: The Walking Dead (Game): Season 2 Episode 1

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Season 2 of The Walking Dead has started! Is it any good though? Please join us for a look at the newest entry into the series as Armless Octopus shakes the video review stick in the direction of The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 1. Please enjoy.

Guacamelee review: Wrestling the way from PSN and into our Vita to win our hearts

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Sony’s Playstation Vita, despite having a number of excellent titles available for it, often doesn’t get the respect it deserves. This theme carries true for the protagonist of Drinkbox Studios’ latest Vita offering, Guacamelee,. Juan Aguacate is a down on his luck man who is befallen with the task of becoming the ultimate luchador in order to save the world. An Evil Charro Skeleton is the catalyst behind this event, as El Presidente’s daughter is kidnapped by the mad man apparition.

You may already be well acquainted with Guacamelee as it was one of the first games support by Sony’s Indie Pub Fund. Additionally, it’s one of the few titles to take advantage of Sony’s cross-play compatibility, wherein players can not only transfer their saves across both their Playstation 3 and Vita, but also play with

The Vita screen can also double as a secondary screen, when playing on the PS3. PS Nation does an excellent job of illustrating exactly how to set this up, which allows players to have their in-game map appear on the Vita, and all gameplay occurring on the television screen.

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Hotline Miami Video Review

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Hotline Miami has received a lot of attention lately for being somewhat of an indie darling on the PC and with the game gearing up for a PSN release, we figured now is a good time for the AO crew to dig into the game and give you our two cents on the bloody romp through 1980’s Miami. Please enjoy.

PS: Eff the dogs


Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit review: Feigned enthusiasm

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It’s rare to find a game that seems like it tried to work in literally every idea discussed during brainstorming, but Arkedo’s Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit feels like a shining example of that phenomenon. The production value is high, tons of effort went into the writing and the gameplay is relatively unique. But in bringing so many individual elements together, the game as a whole somehow manages to be nearly devoid of fun.

Things are as off-the-wall as they can be in Hell Yeah. You’re the Prince of Hell — a dead rabbit who rides around in a saw-blade hovercraft — and your mission is to recover scandalous pictures of you and your rubber duck, which would somehow undermine the validity of your claim to the throne. Or something like that. The unapologetically random nature of the game’s core concept extends to everything else in the game, from enemy design to level settings, so don’t expect fire and brimstone here — Dante’s vision this is not. There are casinos, futuristic dance clubs and what can only be described as Jerry Garcia’s wet dream, among a bunch of other areas. The game’s spastic, sugar-coated ADD-inducing presentation might appeal to high school students who spend their parents’ money at Hot Topic, but it’s truthfully nothing more than a bunch of incoherent nonsense that’s random for the sake of being random.
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Double Dragon Neon review: Oh snap!

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There’s no denying that Wayforward has solidified themselves as one of the go-to development studios when it comes to higher profile, retro-styled 2D games. Some of their projects have turned out to be fantastic, like the wonderful Mighty Switch Force on the Nintendo 3DS. Others, like Bloodrayne Betrayal, are a bit behind on the quality curve. Double Dragon Neon is their latest effort to recapture the shine of decades-gone-by. Any reservations the studio’s varying quality may have caused should be dismissed — this is a great revival of a truly influential property.

Neon is about as over-the-top as a game based on an established property can be. It feels like a caricature of the late 1980s in many ways. The Dragon Twins — Billy and Jimmy — are a couple of carefree, wisecracking karate experts. The amount of puns that come out of their mouths, clever or embarrassing, recall the spirit of a quartet of fighting reptile siblings. The villain is in the running for my favorite enemy of 2012, and while he feels like he’d be more at home on Eternia he seems to fit in almost perfectly here as well.
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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Review: Rolling in the Right Direction

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A new Sonic game always brings a level of uncertainty with it. Sega’s mascot has seen more highs and lows than a bipolar roller coaster, something of which fans are acutely aware. There’s a level of trepidation one must enter a modern Sonic title with — that way the potential disappointment stings less. Dimps and Sonic Team have addressed a few of the flaws found in the first episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4, making the second a bit more fun to play through. It’s a far cry from the Genesis entries, but it’s enjoyable regardless.

One of the biggest complaints in Episode One was the physics, and they’ve mostly been fixed. Sonic no longer stops on a dime in mid air if you take your thumb off the analog stick and you can no longer walk up walls like Spider-Man. The ball-rolling still seems to be slower than running when going downhill, making spin-dashing nearly useless, but hey, two out of three isn’t bad. The truth is this game controls pretty well, approaching levels folks might consider “good”.
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The Walking Dead Episode 1 Video Review

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The Comic is great, the TV show is super successful, but does the video game version of The Walking Dead uphold the brand’s high standards? You’ll have to watch the Armless Octopus Video Review  and find out.

[Special Note] The Xbox 360 version of the game has framerate issues and is VERY dark (in brightness) making it difficult to see. If you have multiple platforms at your disposal to play this game, the 360 version should be at the bottom of the list.

This review is based on the PC and XBLA versions of the game, which were provided by Telltale Games. It is also available on PSN for $5.

Shoot Many Robots Review: I’ll be Needing More Bullets, Please

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Shoot Many Robots (SMR) is easily one of the best multiplayer XBLA titles. It is equally one of the most repetitive single player ones. However, its success as a multiplayer game is enough to shadow the often rough single player experience. It is simply a game meant to be enjoyed with other people, but has the option to be played alone. The game itself has functionally sound controls, the art is wonderfully apropos for the subject matter, and the premise is perfectly ridiculous and appropriately unsupported by any story. All of these things come together to form a proper essence of what a perfect mix of Metal Slug and Contra could be.

In SMR, your sweet, sweet baby RV gets humped by an overgrown dog-like robot. But it wasn’t alone, there were other, smaller robots, all accomplices. So, you do the only reasonable thing, set out to shoot all the robots. This is the premise of SMR, and it doesn’t really need anything more to justify the rest of the game. In fact, it probably wouldn’t be as good if it there was.
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