Armless Octopus Video Review: State of Decay

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State of Decay is a game…a game about zombies…there haven’t been many of those…right? Of course the truth is, there are FAR too many zombie games on the market. The real question; is State of Decay worth the $20 or is this one twitching corpse you should avoid? Let’s watch and see!

Charlie Murder Review: Bloody Murder

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Charlie Murder!

Charlie Murder dares to ask “Why just shoot or stab a zombie when you can rip its arms off and use them to slap other zombies in the face?” Well played, Charlie Murder. Well played. Castle Crashers and Scott Pilgrim proved there is still an audience for the quarter-munching brawlers of the 90s, but those games exist in a world of innocent, prancing unicorns that piss rainbows with kaleidoscopic landscapes straight from a Saturday morning cartoon. Charlie Murder rips the head off that unicorn, scrapes out its brains, and eats cereal from the hollowed skull.

It’s not exactly subtle, but damn, does it ever have style. Loud, angry, style.

Charlie Murder takes the punk rock, monster-movie style of The Dishwasher series and brings it to the brawler stage. Imagine if Streets of Rage took place inside Night of the Living Dead, and then crashed a White Zombie video. It’s full of outlandish, gory violence that is just cartoony enough to maintain a solid sense of humor. Film grain muddies up the visuals, the soundtrack sounds like punk rock from hell, and eyeballs have the nasty habit of being propelled from their sockets at a high velocity in slow motion. Oh, and you can definitely rip out hearts and eat them. Because hearts are yummy.

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GDC 2013: How we created Mark of the Ninja without (totally) losing our minds

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Mark of the ninja 3

Studio transparency and workspace ideologies are often unique from studio to studio, and are affected by prior experiences, cultural norms, and shifting industry patterns.

Jeff Agala and Jamie Cheng discussed Klei Entertainment’s methodology for crafting not only an enjoyable title in the form of Mark of the Ninja, but also a sustainable workplace that allows for creativity to flourish. With a few key points to touch on, the duo discussed a plethora of useful tips for a room full of developers during the Indie Games Summit at GDC.

The first point they considered was “What are the biggest wastes of time during development?” and found the answer to be “Building the wrong thing.” To quote the team, “Imagine walking in a forest. It would be a waste to leave this forest and start in a new one when we’ve already spent so much time in here!” That can be self-destructive, because you spend so much time working on something that will never result in a quality and worthwhile experience.

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Capy and Double Fine moving in together at PAX East

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If you were going to have two developers shack up in one booth at a gaming convention, you’d be hard pressed to find a better pair than Capybara Games and Double Fine if you’re hoping for hijinks. We’re thinking it’s going to be one of the most fun spots on the entire show floor. Oh, they’re both showing off some games, and from what we hear, a couple of other products as well.

Double Fine’s newest game, Dropchord will be playable on the show floor. It will be Armless Octopus’ first opportunity to test out the Leapmotion controller, and we’re pretty excited to see what Tim Schafer’s creative studio can come up with using it. They’ll also be showing off Brütal Legend on the PC as well.

On the flip side, Capybara will be putting a new build of Super TIME Force into the hands of the public. The game is slated for a 2013 release… hopefully a more specific date is revealed at the show. If not, we’ll be sure to dig for one.

These two teams are collaborating on more than just the booth, however. They will have a special PAX shirt available for purchase, commemorating their time together. Also, a physical box of their upcoming collaborative Steam bundle will also be on hand, awaiting purchase.

We’ll be sure to bring you all the details from the show floor when we attend PAX East this weekend.

Source: Capy’s website

Arkedo calling it quits for now

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It appears that no one can escape the “Wrath of the Dead Rabbit“, not even the studio that developed it. Our brothers in “arms”, Arkedo Studios, has announced that they’re closing their doors.

The indie studio, who was also behind the beloved Arkedo Series and the DS’ Big Bang Mini, will be splitting up and moving on to other projects. Studio head Camille Guermonprez is already working on a “publishing project”, while Aurelien Regard is working on starting a “mini-studio”.

Regard did lay out a couple reasons for the studio’s departure in his goodbye blog post. A desire and inability to make smaller games without a publisher was chief among them. The studio feels they are now too big to have success with that model. They also felt that they reached their limits with Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.

The studio was careful to leave things on a “See ya” than a “Farewell”, so there’s a possibility that they’ll group back up in the future. But for now, at least, Arkedo has been put to rest.

Source: Regard’s blog post

Serious Sam Double D XXL Out on XBox Live Arcade, Wants You to Stack More Guns

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Serious Sam Double D was already certifiably over-the-top and chock-full of awesome when it debuted back in 2011. If you don’t believe it, check out the video review. Since then, Mommy’s Best Games has been working on classing Double D, elevating it to XXL status. Now out for XBLA, the game boasts new features such as co-op (couch only, sadly), and a new upgrade system for guns. There’s also a barrage of new and still ridiculous enemies, oh, and a giant dynamite powered unicycle. What I’m saying is you should check it out. It’s available today on XBLA for 800 Microsoft Points (that’s 10 real dollars).

Terraria coming to consoles with host of upgrades

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There’s no arguing with the success of 2D crafting title Terraria — as of September 2012 they moved over 1.6 million units on the PC. The game is on its way to Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, but it won’t get there without a slew of improvements.

A new trailer was released, which lays out what sort of changes will be made to make the console version. New controls were promised, as the keyboard and mouse layout on the original version won’t work here. Those with HD televisions will be able to play in split-screen with up to four players, and there’s an eight-player online mode as well. There will be new armor, weapons, pets and enemies — even a unique final boss, which you can find using the new world map function. The soundtrack will also be getting a bit fatter with some added tracks.

We haven’t found a release date yet, but Terraria taught us that if we keep digging we’ll eventually uncover one. The official stance right now is that it’s “coming soon”.

Double Fine’s The Cave gets a release date

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Have you been hankering to spelunk (that’s a word, right?) your way through a cave that mysteriously narrates your journey all on its own? You’ll be able to do just that and pretty soon, as Sega has revealed that The Cave will be releasing before January is over.

The game will come out on the Playstation Network and Wii U eShop on January 22, with Xbox Live Arcade and Steam users gaining access the very next day. Steam users will be pleased to learn that it works on both the Mac and Linux versions of Valve’s client.

The Double Fine-developed adventure-platformer will run you $15, or 1200 of Microsoft’s moon dollars.

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