Kickstart This! Rex Rocket

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I do not care for the term Metroidvania as a genre, let us call them exploration platformers or something to that effect. Naming a genre by mashing together names of the games in the category is akin to calling every first person shooter a “Doom of Duty”. However despite the terminology that irks me, I absolutely adore this type of game and I am always excited to see a new one spring up with Rex Rocket by Rob Maher and Tyler Bud being no exception.

I originally picked up on Rex Rocket over at the Pixel Art section of Reddit, where artist Rob Maher was showcasing a small set of eye catching WIP shots of his pixel art. This eventually led to a trailer fully selling me on the concept featuring some neat looking combat tricks, stunning lighting effects, and one of my favorites wall jumping! To add to the package the duo brought on the talented chiptune artist Saskrotch to pull together a fitting soundtrack and from the sounds of the trailer it’s going to be excellent.

If you get an excited feeling inside thinking about metroi…exploration platformers move your eyes over to the Kickstarter page for the game and float them a vote over on Steam Greenlight.

Evoland Review: Darwinland, only to a point

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Evoland Title

I have taken many adventures through a screen, from battling through the lands of Hyrule, having discussions with the people of Midgar, trudging through the swamps of Sanctuary, and flying the skies of Veldt. Two-dimensional pixelated sprites, 3D polygons, monochrome greys, 8-bit colors, luscious spectrums and more can describe the eyes that I’ve seen many of these exploits through. If you take the memories of these feats and add in some subdued humor, then you’re on the right track for what Evoland has to offer.

In my first moment into Evoland, I was dropped into a greyscale land and stripped of any interaction other than moving right ’til I hit a treasure chest. This unlocked left movement and revealed the game’s main mechanic, which should be somewhat familiar if you have played DLC Quest. As you open a majority of the chests throughout the game, they will unlock new features that changs the playing field. These features vary from cosmetic changes like higher color counts, to new mechanics, or even completely new sub-genres within the adventure/RPG formula. Read more

Retro mash-up A.N.N.E. gets a new trailer and Kickstarter

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The retro mash-up, A.N.N.E., was one of the biggest surprises on the PAX East show floor, and now developer Gamesbymo has released a new trailer for their Metroidvania-shooter-RPG hybrid. The trailer shows off most of what was playable at PAX East, but also includes our first look at the ship-based combat that was absent from that build.

Gamesbybo has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund development. They’re looking for $70,000 to finish up the project on PC, but stretch goals could bring it to Mac, Linux, PSN, Vita, Ouya and WiiU.

Backers will be rewarded with a digital copy of the game for $10, an SNES box and cartridge for $75 or an adorable figurine for $250. Those with an extra five grand to toss around can look forward to a home cooked meal with Mo himself, along with the opportunity to play the game and suggest changes.

You can view all of the details over on the Kickstarter page, and make sure you check our our preview of the game from PAX East.

Prime World is gearing up for a US Launch, Beta available now

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Prime World 1

Massive. That’s the best way to describe Russian development studio Nival Games’ upcoming MOBA Prime World. When we previously saw Prime World in July, it wasn’t nearly as feature rich as the version I had viewed during GDC this year. It was probably a wise idea to have two members of the development studio play the game in front of my eyes, as I doubt my brief period with the title would have lent itself well to fully understanding all of Prime World’s intricate mechanics.


Those of you who don’t want to play the standard 3 lane DoTA approach can instead choose to take a support role in the form of a mini-game played alongside your base’s spawning point. Upon successfully completing the mini-game, players are awarded scrolls (buffs) which can then be used on other players. Moreover, you could always just purchase them from the marketplace as well, in the case that your time is more valuable than your money.

Read more

Video Review: Dungeon Hearts

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Armless Octopus puts yet another match-three game through the wringer to see if anything decent will come out the other side. This time it’s Dungeon Hearts for the PC via Steam. The game only costs $3, but is it worth your TIME? You’ll just have to watch and see.

Kickstart This! Chasm

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Kickstarter has revolutionized the way indie games are financed, but with hundreds of games begging for your precious shillings, we’re highlighting the most promising games whose very development may hinge upon you opening up your pocketbook. 

We at Armless Octopus are firm believers that there can never be too many Metroidvania games with retro pixelated graphics, and if you share a similar mindset, you might want to throw some money at Chasm. Discord Games, who previously released Take Arms on Xbox Live Indie Games as part of the second Uprising, is looking to spice up its adventure with the procedurally generated dungeons and loot drops of Diablo.

The game is already looking pretty impressive, and you can even download a playable demo.

Discord Games is looking for $150,000, but they’re already more than halfway to their goal and the Kickstarter doesn’t expire until May 12.

So what kind of sweet loot can you nab for your pledges? Fifteen bucks nets you a copy of the game when it’s released for Windows, Mac, and Linux, plus an exclusive sword. Twenty-five bucks gets you two copies of the game, early access to the beta and a digital copy of the soundtrack. If you’ve got a cool grand to spend, you can become an NPC in the game. For a mere five G’s, your NPC will sit on a golden throne and have multiple lines of customizable dialogue.

Click here to check out their Kickstarter.

Heavy Gear Assault maneuvers its way into the hearts of arena FPS and mech fans

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Mechwarrior 2 on the PC was lauded as both a critical and commercial success. During the rise of 32-bit consoles in the late ’90s and early 2000s, however, a more casual style of mech game came along, but one team of developers, MekTek, craved their hardcore mech roots.

Building from the rich universe that is Heavy Gear, the team at MekTek has plans to grab that rabid fan base and generate the experience they’ve been craving since the rise and fall of Mechwarrior 2. A brief demo  for Heavy Gear Assault was available at GDC Play this week, and I had the opportunity to get my hands on it. The blend of arena style shooter and mech sim worked well, and should scratch that itch which fans of either genre have so desperately needed resolved over the years.

Armless Octocast Episode 110

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Wait…we still have a podcast? How about that! We should record / post an episode to it. Nothing remarkable, just…talking about some games…BOOM!

PS: This is a very short episode to test the waters. If you have anything you’d like to hear discussed on the show in the future, please feel free to comments.

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