PC Indie Review: A.R.E.S.

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big old mech worm

When I was ten years old, a friend and I set our biological clocks to wake up as early as possible to brave the frigid cold of his not-so-insulated porch just to maximize our Nintendo time. It was a different age of gaming: one full of vacuous pits and repetitiously replaying levels in a Groundhog Day path to perfection. As our fascination with 3D games grew, games became easier and 2D games were relegated to handhelds, practically foreign to a television screen for a good decade.

But wait, what’s this? Shadow ComplexNew Super Mario Brothers? Heck, there’s a new Rocket Knight game and two Bionic Commando titles? The newest member of the 2D renaissance is A.R.E.S., a flashy shooter that manages to capture the kill everything-that-moves machismo of Contra and make it fun and engaging in a 21st century kind of way. In other words, it’s awesome.

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Interview: Extend Studio, second place winner of Dream-Build-Play 2010 for A.R.E.S.

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Ares makes something go boom.

What happens when you combine Mega Man with Super Metroid? The world might just collapse under the sheer awesomeness, but Extend Studio is testing that theory with A.R.E.S. The Thailand-based developer recently won second place in the XNA Dream-Build-Play 2010 Challenge for their colorful 2.5D side-scrolling shooter. The team is currently tightening all the scews on the PC version and aims to have it available shortly, followed hopefully soon by the Xbox version.

Hi, Mike. I just think that some question should be answered by my team members. I write the name of a person who gives an answer before their answers. Hope this makes the interview more interesting.

What is it like developing games in Thailand? Are there many other developers in area?

Nenin: In my opinion, many developers here are doing very well in game development. They are very creative and talented. Anyway, Thailand is still at the beginning phase of supporting the game development. Lots more things need to be worked on.

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Lumi wins Dream-Build-Play 2010 Challenge

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Kudos to Kydos Studios for winning Microsoft’s Dream-Build-Play 2010 competition and netting the $40,000 grand prize for their light-based puzzle-platformer, Lumi.  The stylish 2D platformer triumphed over 350 entries to be crowned this year’s winner of the annual competition of games developed using Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio.  In Lumi, “the player controls a small creature whose goal is to bring back to life its surround world.”  It will be released this spring on Xbox Live Indie Games. 

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