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Team 2Bit Hitting up Kickstarter to KO Fist Puncher

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Team 2Bit karate-chopped their way through the competition on The Next Game Boss, and now they’ve turned to raise the final $10,000 to finish their retro brawler Fist Puncher. The team estimates that they are about 80% done the game, which they liken to a cross between Double Dragon and Castle Crashers. The entire project has been self-funded until now, and the extra cash would allow developer Matt Lewandowski to quit his job so the brothers can move to San Francisco and take advantage of the office space they won on IGN’s reality show.

“Until now we could just make Fist Puncher at our own pace, no funding was really needed because we had our day jobs to pay the bills.  But after winning the Next Game Boss we realized we were in a new situation.  The buzz about us is happening right now, and people are asking to buy our games immediately.  It’s the classic dilema that drives businesses to raise capital – we have customers, but we need more resources to get the product into their hands quickly,” said Jake Lewandowski.

Backers of the project can receive everything from digital copies of Fist Puncher and Washington’s Wig (the game that won The Next Game Boss) to pixelized versions of themselves in the game as an NPC, enemy, playable character, or boss. For a cool ten grand, Team 2Bit will even turn your game idea into a playable 8-bit game. You can head over to the Kickstarter page for more info. The team plans to have Fist Puncher available on Xbox Live Indie Games and PC in September.


Team2Bit Dragon Punches Their Way Onto IGN Reality Show

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Reality TV shows are all the rage. I mean who doesn’t want to watch short-tempered wealthy housewives duke it out in their own little worlds? There isn’t much for us gamers though. Sure, Sony has The Tester, but that’s more absurd challenges as people make their way toward simply testing games. But what about seeing the process of developing a full game, from inception to completion, along with a few kinks in the chain? Fortunately, IGN has concocted such a show, titled The Next Game Boss.

XBLIG developer Team2Bit has made the cut, and the duo of brother’s Matt and Jake Lewandowski illustrate their newest game concept in the first episode that aired yesterday on IGN’s YouTube channel. They “operate under the moniker ‘Team First Puncher,’” which is also the name of their upcoming XBLIG title, explaining “Yeah we couldn’t be ‘Team Team2Bit.’”

You can root the XBLIG developers on and follow along their progress through their Twitter account, @Team2Bit.


Dr. Karate Hurls Cars in New Fist Puncher Trailer

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We’re trying not to geek out too much, but it looks as if Dr. Karate kicks even more ass than we initially surmised. In the latest trailer for Fist Puncher, he carves up some impromptu plastic surgery with his fists and even picks up a car and launches it across the screen. Granted, it was a Smart Car, but that’s still pretty damned impressive. Team2Bit also revealed some new details on the game’s leveling system. Each outrageous character will have 5 attributes that can be leveled up, such as Stomping and Fistitude for Steroid Jackson. The attributes will also unlock receive perks and new attacks for each character.

Source: Team2Bit

Kick it Old School with Fist Puncher

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Remember that wretched trailer for the Double Dragon 2 remake? You know, the one that made you vomit out your nose as you watched one of the greatest NES games reduced to polyginal abortion? Fist Puncher might help freshen up that rank breath just a little 8-bit.

Team2Bit is looking to return to the glory days of mashing square fists into rectangular faces. Fist Puncher features 4-player local co-op to go along with some prettty ridiculous stereotypical characters, such as the disgraced sports star looking to redeem himself and the once noble war veteran who has fallen on hard times.

“There will definitely be character progression and the ability to learn new moves. Right now there are 8 playable characters and each has a unique move set that can be expanded as you advance,” said developer Jake Lewandowski.

Lewandowski plans to have us punching faces on Xbox Live Indie Games sometime in October. Oh, did we mention there is a dude named Dr. Karate? Cause there is totally a dude named Dr. Karate.