Armless Octopus Video Review: The Walking Dead (Game): Season 2 Episode 1

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Season 2 of The Walking Dead has started! Is it any good though? Please join us for a look at the newest entry into the series as Armless Octopus shakes the video review stick in the direction of The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 1. Please enjoy.

Armless Octopus Video Review: Knights of Pen and Paper +1

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A game about gathering a bunch of nerds around a table and have them all casting magic missiles at fictitious fantasy enemies? Straight ballin son. Alright, maybe it shouldn’t be classified as “Ballin” but the game is good enough to warrant a review from the Armless Octopus crew. Please watch and enjoy.



Video Review: Dungeon Hearts

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Armless Octopus puts yet another match-three game through the wringer to see if anything decent will come out the other side. This time it’s Dungeon Hearts for the PC via Steam. The game only costs $3, but is it worth your TIME? You’ll just have to watch and see.

Bleed review: An A-positive experience

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If Xbox Live Indie Games was Santa and I was a prospective present recipient, you’d think I would have been judged ‘naughty’ with all the coal I’ve received this year. Suffice to say, 2012 hasn’t been a banner year for the service. But after playing Bleed, it might have all been worth it. Bootdisk Revolution has put together something truly special and any gamer with a love for the classics would be remiss to pass it up.

The objective in Bleed is simple: Defeat the world’s best heroes to become the newest member of the Hall of Heroes. Your quest takes you through the home bases of each of the world’s six champions, plus one final stage afterward. Each one has a theme that matches the style of its owner. The extravagant and creepy mansion belongs to the gelatinous slime ball with the googly eyes and fly wings. The security-intensive high rise houses the defense robot with a penchant for homing missiles.
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Buck Up Indie Devs!

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You hear a lot of great success stories from the indie game development scene. It’s fun to listen to these stories because they make you feel really good about this industry you’ve chosen to pour your interests into. The more common story is however are of heartbreak and failure. It’s easy to look at the developers like Team Meat, Zeboyd Games and Polytron and think, “I could do that. I love games and have lots of great ideas.” It’s easy to say that, but the reality of game development is that most teams will never ship their product, or their product will fail. This isn’t, and shouldn’t be, the end of the story. This is an article all about the hardships of game development, and why it’s one of the best things you could choose to do with your free time. Read more

Armless Octocast Episode 51 – The Full Force Octocast

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The Octocast is back at full strength! Mike almost misses out but makes it just in time. There’s some solid news on the XBLIG front, and quite a few gems in the new releases this week. We condensed the segment this time around, so don’t skip ahead.

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SpyParty opens sign-ups for early access beta

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SpyParty is quite the anomaly of a game—not even half-finished, supported by massive hype from the press, and sporting asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay that is, at times, intense and surreal. It’s an experience that’s only been available to members of the press and attendees of various game conventions, but all that is going to change very soon.

Today, principal developer Chris Hecker opened sign-ups for an early-access beta of the game, which will roll out to participants over the next couple of months. In the same vein as Minecraft, the beta is a paid product that will ensure users unlimited playtime, free updates, and the full version, free of charge. The $15 price tag won’t come into effect until the beta is available to play.

On the sign-up web page, Hecker said this will be an opportunity for SpyParty hopefuls to expedite the line-waiting process many of us here have already endured and “have a real and meaningful impact on the game’s development.”

SpyParty is a long way from the finish line, so there are going to be lots of bugs, and balance issues, and your favorite feature will get nerfed, and there will be downtime, and resets, and the general misery that accompanies any game in development,” Hecker said on the page. “That said, people seem to really like playing the game even in its current state, so I hope you will too!”

Interview: Extend Studio, second place winner of Dream-Build-Play 2010 for A.R.E.S.

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Ares makes something go boom.

What happens when you combine Mega Man with Super Metroid? The world might just collapse under the sheer awesomeness, but Extend Studio is testing that theory with A.R.E.S. The Thailand-based developer recently won second place in the XNA Dream-Build-Play 2010 Challenge for their colorful 2.5D side-scrolling shooter. The team is currently tightening all the scews on the PC version and aims to have it available shortly, followed hopefully soon by the Xbox version.

Hi, Mike. I just think that some question should be answered by my team members. I write the name of a person who gives an answer before their answers. Hope this makes the interview more interesting.

What is it like developing games in Thailand? Are there many other developers in area?

Nenin: In my opinion, many developers here are doing very well in game development. They are very creative and talented. Anyway, Thailand is still at the beginning phase of supporting the game development. Lots more things need to be worked on.

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