Platformance: Temple Death review: Jumping through the jungle

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don't fall!

Indiana Jones made it look so easy! Jump over the pit, swing from the vine, avoid the spikes and swipe the treasure (or the girl). Sure he had his occasional snake pit or two, but the guy always got the deed done and hardly ever suffered a scratch. The Platformance explorer, on the other hand, probably twisted his ankle stepping off the plane. This poor, bloody, spear sponge was impaled, beheaded, drowned and burnt alive countless times en route to rescuing the gorgeous Grace Belly from the savages who’d like to eat her for dinner.

He might come off as klutzy, but his frequent deaths were warranted. Platformance: Temple Death’s name is no misnomer; this game is packed with an absurd amount of ways to kill our brave adventurer, and I think it’s safe to say I found every one of them. Although I found it challenging keeping his head adhered to his neck, I still had a heck of a time with this 2D platformer, and it’s a total no brainer for any fan of retro gaming.

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Platformance 2: Temple Death trailer reveals that there will be blood

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Move over Pitfall Harry, there’s a new pixelated archeologist in town, and his name is, well, never mind his name, but he’s out for fame and glory (and perhaps a little kissy-kissy action on the side). Platformace 2: Temple of Death takes place 1000 years after its predecessor in a 1947 Peruvian jungle, where Hollywood starlet Grace Belly has been kidnapped by savages while filming Mysteries of the Cursed Mayan Idols.

Now it’s up to our adventurous archeologist to venture into the ominous Temple Death and rescue the stunning actress before she is sacrificed to the blood lizard god. We’ve contacted Magiko Gaming for more information, but in the meantime, check out the new trailer showcasing the new locale, and of course, lots of decapitating spikes.